Jamala’s song “1944” tells the story of her Grandmother that was deported by Josef Stalin during the Soviet Union.  Josef Stalin ordered the deportation of the Tartars. Most of the Tartars lived in Crimea and were no longer welcomed. Tartars are of Muslim Turkic ethnicity.

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Stanley Diamond review:

After the success of Maxi Eissen within the Bahnhofsviertel, the owners striked again with a new opening.

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New hip place to eat out in Frankfurt:

Club Michel is one of those trendy restaurants that you would expect to come across in Berlin but not in Frankfurt.

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“Yes. As long as you have your U.S passport and boarding pass as evidence, it shouldn’t be an issue to get back into the airport.”

I’m petite. I’m a petite African female, what am I thinking? I don’t speak a lick of German. What if something happens to me? Who will know where I am?

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In the Future, every household will have a 3D printer such as the Form 2. Whenever you need a nail or anything similar to that, you will simply print it.

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